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The following smokes are the "Extreme Herbal Smoke Bud Blends" in the New Generation of Herbal Smokes. High Class Smokes for Refined Bud Tokers and Smokers. For bud smokers looking for something different from their smoking experience, we offer a wide range of herbal smoke products for the widest range of experience and taste. Throughout history for centuries herbs have been used by Shaman, Medicine Men and others to produce states of consciousness for meditation, clairvoyance, healing, vision quests and enhance transformative states. Many ritual herb smokers still use these exotic herbs respectfully on their journey for spiritual knowledge. Although many of the exotic botanicals used in herbal smoke blends have long histories of use for their psychoactive activity, due to regulations put into place by the FDA, we make no claims in regards to the effects of these products on the human body or mind.

AZTEC DREAM HERBAL SMOKE - "believe in the power of your dreams"

AZTEC DREAM Herbal Smoke

Aztec Dream Smoke for avid lucid dreamer and believer in the power of dreams, The goal of any avid lucid dreamer is to access a vas hidden area of insight, imagery and knowledge normally unavailable during normal waking consciousness. These fragrant leaves make a very pleasing, aromatic smoke.



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